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Hi my loves! If you've been active on Instagram or follow any fashion blog you've probably seen a straw bag in one form or another grace the arm of our favorite fashionistas. It was this summer's IT accesory: from the beach to the streets, straw bags were everywhere to be seen. And I was so on board with this trend, still am. I just love how casual and effortless these wicker, basket, wooden or straw bags look.  Unfortunately you can't buy my straw bag anywhere. I mean anywhere online at least. Mine is 100% hand made by the indegineous people from Quiroga, Michoacan.  This isn't a trend you cant transition into the fall but it's defenitely one you want to store away in your closet for next year because honestly straw bags just scream SUMMER! Did you love this trend? Let me know!! 
Adios to Straw Bags